G2 Design logo image; G2 Design or is a Product Design Consultancy based in buckinghamshire near oxfordshire, hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, cambridgshire and just outside London

How we do it

Creative Experts, Master Engineers

As product designers we believe it is our duty to switch hats between being creative artists, brand experts, engineers, marketers and businessmen. Our holistic approach paired with an elite team enables us to respond to your project needs with versatility. 


We take pride in delivering innovative design which is commercially viable, as ultimately seeing your product get to market is our shared goal. We can take an idea from the back of an envelope through to mass production, or plug-in and assist at any point in between.  

G2 Design's Design approach

Delivering Market Success

Identify        |       Integrate       |         Experience

We work closely with our clients and partners to identify critical user insights and consumer focused opportunities. Decades of experienced are leveraged to ensure solutions enhance your brand while carving out their place on the market.

Whether creating new innovative products and technologies or developing existing brands we are driven towards creating highly stunning, sustainable and market leading results.

G2 Product Design consultants

Concept to Manufacture

Flexible        |       Viable       |         Innovation

Our Multidisciplinary team of experienced entrepreneurial minded, creative artists, master engineers and brand experts facilitate a flexible design process to meet even the most demanding requirements.



From concept generation through to manufacture we utilise a wealth of experience to produce viable, innovative solutions on budget at an accelerated pace. Our in house prototyping capabilities expedite product development to maximise your return. Sketch models, functional prototypes and pack shot quality presentation models our team of skilled craftsmen bring your ideas to life.



We have carefully cultivated long standing relationships with many national and international suppliers and manufacturers. With connections in the far east as well as at home we are  in a great position to help you even after the design process has been completed on those vital steps to market that are often neglected or overlooked.

Flexible  |  Viable  |  Innovation

Identify  |  Integrate  |  Experience

G2 Product Design Consultantcy

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