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Our state of the art workshop and experienced model making team are on hand to produce whatever prototypes you need to accelerate your product to market. We have access to many innovative and established technologies that facilitate production like results as well as rough and ready proof models.


Contact us to find out what we can do for you and what would be the best way to achieve your desired result. Whether its functional testing, pack shot photography or even very small production runs for testing and marketing campaigns out on site prototyping team will be able to assist.

G2 Design

Sketch Model

In house CNC capabilities facilitate rapid production of accurate and detailed sketch models enabling effective design decisions early in the development process surrounding product size, shape and aesthetic. Combined with our in-house additive manufacture technologies our prototyping team can eliminate any concerns over the form of your design well before expensive detailed design stages when it is still relatively inexpensive to alter the design.



Functional Prototype

The wealth of experience, production technologies and capabilities of our prototyping team results in detailed working prototypes that can be used as proof of concept and/or as marketing assets to demonstrate a product's functionality. Care is always taken to use production techniques and materials to give the closest representation of the final manufactured item to ensure any results from physical testing will be true to the final product. 



Presentation Model

Our team has produced more presentation models than we can count for huge multinational companies to entrepreneurs and their start-ups. We produce fantastically accurate looks like models that can be used for pack shot photography and marketing purposes almost indistinguishable from final production parts these models are usually a final stage between design development and manufacture.



Packaging Mock-ups

From sketch models to hollow working prototypes and final pack shot photography appearance models we have a proven track record in producing stunning realistic and function packaging mock-ups for packaging manufacturers and beverage brands. Whether its a bespoke container with intricate functionality and unique closure or an ornate hollow crystal clear bottle you're after our team is ready to realise your vision.


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